Action figures

What is Action Fiugre? Which designs are suitable of doing action figures? You may have lots of questions. In fact, your design and goal of project  are the key of custom toys. 

  • the size of figure
  • materials and colors 
  • partial size
  • Joints / Articulation points
  • Accessories
  • collectional for adult or for kids, or exhibition and so on…

Here are some action figures that you can use them as reference.

About the Size of Custom Action Figure

The most desk-friendly action figure are usually between 3 to 8 inches (7.5 to 20 cm) tall. But we can discuss in the whole custom process to make your project sucess!

Common action figure sizes are:

  • 1” – 3” Mini Figures
  • 3¾” Figures
  • 6″ Figures
  • 8” Figures 
  • 11.5” Figures
  • 12″ Figures
  • 18″+ Figures
About the Material of Custom Action Figure

Mostly of action figures are made of pvc material, but for complex and creative designs we can also use different materials to complete the productin different parts of a toy. Our work and factories are very flexible.

About the Packaging of Custom Action Figure

The most frequently used are Blister Cards, it is easy to show your products to your clients and save much packaging space.

Maybe you have interested to know the process of customized action figure from design to shipping.