Plush Toys

Plush toys are the faviour friends of kids, and also the best markting products. But there are many different material to make plush toys. It takes time of sewing. Same to say your design and requriements decide the prodution of your plush toys.

  • Character design and pattern complexity
  • Toy size
  • Chosen fabrics
  • Detailing (embroidery, printing, plastic parts, etc.)
  • Tags and packaging
  • Quantity
custom soft plush animal toys

Here are some plush toys that you can use them as reference.

About the Size of Custom Plush toys

The most desk-friendly action figure are usually between 3 to 8 inches (7.5 to 20 cm) tall. But we can discuss in the whole custom process to make your project sucess!

Design and Plush Toy
The material of plush toys
  • Berber Fleece
  •  Fabric
  • Rose Cashmere
  •  Super Soft

Maybe you have interested to know the process of customized plush toys from design to shipping.

Have you already a best design or just idea?

It’s time to make it come ture and your fans or customers can not waiting for it!

Together we’ll evolve the concept and prototype, and transform them into truly great final collectibles. And then there’s the toy holding, playing, hugging, and admiring that comes afterwards!