Promotion Gifts

What is Promotional gifts? They are the goods that we can print your logo on them. They can be as gifts for your employees or clients or make them as a marketing products…and so on. We have good and special promotional gifts you can choose, like

  • silicon keychains
  •  pins
2D /3D custom shaped soft rubber pvc keychain with your logo name

OEM Silicon Keychains

Silicon keychains have many differents print ways, you can choose printed,debossed,embossed Logo. single side/double sid, usual types are band and creative art.

custom silicone cute baby keychains

custom silicone pvc with words keychains

OEM Cute Metal Pins

Pins is very popular and easy to show the special meaning you want to show in public. There are differents types, such as creative pins, animal pins, emotion pins, pins with words or pins for special festival…and so on.

pets pins, cat pins, custom animal pins

emojy pins, custom emojy pins

OEM pins with letters or names

custom festival pins or special meaning

Have you already a best design or just idea?

It’s time to make it come ture and your fans or customers can not waiting for it!

Together we’ll evolve the concept and prototype, and transform them into truly great final collectibles. And then there’s the toy holding, playing, hugging, and admiring that comes afterwards!