Litte Yoda

Why we love films and toys?

Because there is always a pure land in each of us. It’s the sparkle in the character that makes us feel connected. Such as litte Yoda, he is so lovely, so pure, and also so strong in a world full of war. We would like to protect him, such as to protect our pure land in our heart, also we are so strong, strong to fight this epidemic corona virus. That why FLT use our professional and sincerely attutide to produce best plastic figures and let the best character enchantment in toys figures continue to pass on.

Have you already a best design or just idea?

It’s time to make it come ture and your fans or customers can not waiting for it!

Together we’ll evolve the concept and prototype, and transform them into truly great final collectibles. And then there’s the toy holding, playing, hugging, and admiring that comes afterwards!

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