Easter Rabbit

I love rabbit, they are extremely cute.2020 was a hardest year to everyone, I hope you have got throught it.

Courage is the light that blooms in adversity. It is a wealth. With courage, it has the opportunity to change. However, life is not as good as it should be, and some people rise to the wind and become strong in life. Some people return to the safe haven, running for food and clothing.

Rather than being frustrated in a predicament, it is better to continue to face it, and through those difficult situations, you will eventually meet that sparkling self. If you have the courage to start again, you will win your whole life

rabbit, hare, bunny

There are also many people who have never feared suffering. They believe that as long as they cross the hurdle in front of them, there will be a smooth road ahead. Because every time I start again, it shines with hope.

Perhaps, the meaning of life is here, to strengthen one’s heart and find a goal to fight for. No matter what difficulties you encounter, you always hold your head high and never admit defeat.

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