Resin Figures

The resin material will be harder als other plastic material. The production process of the resin handicraft embryo body is through grouting and curing, so it can highly restore the details of the master mold. This craft is suitable for Decorations. The cost depends on these points:

  • the size of figure
  •  character
  • Painting complexity
  •  packaging
custom art resin personalized toy statue action figure

Here are some resin figures that you can use them as reference.

Which size of resin figure we can make?

The most desk-friendly action figure are usually between 3 to 8 inches (7.5 to 20 cm) tall for normal figures. But we can make every size you need.

What are the advantages of resin figures?
  • Resin crafts have a variety of surface effects. 

The surface of resin crafts can be used for various effects such as painted, antique, oil spray, UV, electroplating, etc. It can imitate a variety of glossy metal surfaces, wood, etc., and it is a highly simul ated material

  • we can accept small order like 500pcs
The usual packaging of all custom plastic figures we can make?
  • Acrylic Display Cases – for higher end collectibles, these thick UV-protective cases are a classy display
Here is the custom plastic figures which we made for cleints.

There are custom plastic action figures, custom pvc figures, custom vinyl figures and custom resin figures…etc.

Have you already a best design or just idea?

It’s time to make it come ture and your fans or customers can not waiting for it!

Together we’ll evolve the concept and prototype, and transform them into truly great final collectibles. And then there’s the toy holding, playing, hugging, and admiring that comes afterwards!