Little Yoda

Why we love films and toys? Because there is always a pure land in each of us. It’s the sparkle in the character that makes us feel connected. Such as little Yoda, he is so lovely, so pure, and also so strong in a world full of war. We would like to protect him, such …

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Easter Rabbit

I love rabbit, they are extremely cute.2020 was a hardest year to everyone, I hope you have got throught it. Courage is the light that blooms in adversity. It is a wealth. With courage, it has the opportunity to change. However, life is not as good as it should be, and some people rise to …

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Hello, Toys

At first you schould konw the differents beweent the plastics – ABS, PVC,Vinyl, Resin. For making a perfect action figures or vinyl figures we choose the suitable material to finish a custom figure. Let’s talk about Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) at first. Custom PVC Action Figure PVC is a softer plastic, that is typically tinted before …

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